Medical Doctor

Dr. Slattery is a Mayo trained medical doctor specializing in the evaluation and treatment of automobile injuries.

Physical Therapy

The role of the physical therapy is to enable the patient to recover from automobile injuries/accidents.


Chiropractic treatment is a safe, gentle effective form of therapy equipped to address and care for these injuries

Massage Therapy

Medical massage can be very beneficial in the treatment of your injuries following a car accident.


Injury Care Clinic is located in Melbourne, Florida and was established in October of 2010 due to the high demand for quality care in the auto crash/injury field. You can count on Dr. Slattery and his staff at Injury Care Clinic, where your health is our number one priority.

Dr. Slattery’s devotion to helping injury victims suffering needlessly prompted him to gather the most comprehensive and knowledgeable staff in one facility in order to offer complete care for auto injuries. Injury Care Clinic specializes in expert evaluation and treatment modalities.

Our program is all-encompassing; offering medical services, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and customized rehabilitative exercise programs. We use the latest in medical technology to maintain accurate and up-to-date records for each patient.

Specializing in Auto Accident Injuries

Injury Care Clinic is the most comprehensive auto crash injury facility specializing in the evaluation and treatment of automobile injuries in Brevard County. Our caring and highly trained staff are experienced in working with patients injured in a motor vehicle crashes.


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Friendly Staff

Dr. Slattery’s staff consists of a medical doctor, licensed physical therapists, chiropractor, massage therapist and rehabilitative specialists.

Patient Resources

In order to save on wait times, you’re encouraged to fill out all paperwork prior to your appointment. Visit our portal to view all required documents.


You need a physician who understands auto crash injuries and how to treat them. You need a doctor that understands all insurance protocols and will handle the often tedious documentation that the claims process entails. Dr. Slattery’s background as a primary care physician gives him the overall knowledge and experience to evaluate all your injuries — not just those which most injured patients believe they must see a specialist. After thoroughly evaluating your injuries, Dr. Slattery will determine what diagnostic testing is necessary and will refer you to specialists, only if needed.

Dr. Slattery is committed to the hard work and dedication it has taken to become an expert on soft tissue injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. Through The Spine Institute of San Diego he has obtained Advanced Certification of Competency in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology, and in Motor Vehicle Crash Forensic Risk Analysis. In 2006, Dr. Slattery had the privilege of speaking on Myofacial Pain and Myofacial Trigger Points Following Whiplash Injuries at the CRASH conference in San Diego, California.

The Injury Care Clinic was established in order to treat patients based on Dr. Slattery’s extensive, specialized education; providing high quality care and diagnostic insights unavailable in this region until now. Finally, Dr. Slattery has been able to combine his extensive skills as a physician with his specialized education with his all-encompassing devotion to his patients; bringing together the most comprehensive medical facility specializing in evaluation and treatment of patients with automobile injuries to Brevard County.

Whatever your situation. No matter who is at fault. Take the time to see the most knowledgeable Doctor and facility in Brevard County. Injury Care Clinic and its support staff will assess your injuries, dismiss your insurance concerns and provide you with the best, most comprehensive care available.

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