Choosing The Right Doctor

Choose a Medical Doctor Experienced in the Evaluation and Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries

You need a physician who understands auto accident injuries and how to treat them. You need a doctor that understands all insurance protocols and will handle the often tedious documentation that the claims process entails.

Dr. Slattery’s background as a primary care physician gives him the overall knowledge and experience to evaluate all your injuries —

Kinesio Taping Physical Therapy

Differences between Kinesio Tapping and Other Physical Therapy Methods

I am ignorant. Until recently, I had thought that physical therapy just involved stretching muscles and administering massages. I was wrong. The world of physical therapy is much grander than my limited perceived perception. There are many truly interesting physical therapy methods applied today to help people with injuries.

My good friend was recently rear ended in a fender bender car accident and was recommended by his doctor to seek massage therapy.

Do Airbags Help Reduce Whiplash?

Do Airbags Help Reduce Whiplash?

Have you ever wondered how effective your car airbags are at preventing you from getting whiplash? I have. Back in 1999 I was involved in a severe car accident. I was in the front passenger seat. The ten year old vehicle my friend was driving was not equipped with head-protecting side airbags, or for that matter any passenger airbags.