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Six Different Massage Techniques for Reducing Stress

Dealing with the aftermath of a car collision is stressful. If you have been in a car accident before, you know first hand there are hurdles to overcome to get your life back to normal again. For instance, if your car is damaged, you must get your car repaired. If your car is totaled beyond repair, you must purchase a new car to get to work. If you are injured you must seek medical attention and then rehabilitation treatment. Chances are if you are injured, you will also need to miss work. Oh and don’t forget, you have to also deal with the dreaded insurance companies and attorneys. It is no wonder people lose sleep and become stressed.

Chronic stress is not healthy to our bodies. Too much stress can cause body aches, depression, anxiety and many other long term health problems. According to Jay Winner, M.D., author of Stress Management Made Simple, when stressed, our bodies produce hormones that increase muscle tension and pain sensitivity. There are ways to treat stress such as practicing meditation and deep breathing techniques. However, massage therapy is the method I would recommend.

Massage therapy is great for relieving the body of tension. There are six different massage techniques used to work the body free of stress.

1.) Swedish Relaxation

Swedish massages use long sliding strokes to work out tension in body. The massage therapist will apply gliding, rhythmic tapping, friction, vibration and kneading to the muscle knots. Swedish massages are most common in western culture to receive.

2.) Deep Tissue

a deep tissue massage applies harder pressure to muscle knots than a Swedish massage. This type of massage is designed to break down adhesions that block blood circulation. Deep tissue massages can increase mobility while removing pain.

3.) Manual Traction

manual traction massages require the stretching of the soft tissue. Manual traction is used to promote movement and stability.

4.) Myofascial Release

this type of massage removes muscle knots by stretching the skin. It is a great massage for preventing scar tissue from forming.

5.) Reflexology

In reflexology, massage therapists massage hands, feet, and ears. Many massage therapists who offer this type of massage believe that our hands, feet and ears are all connected to nerve endings in the rest of your body. By massaging the hands, feet, and ears, the therapist can relax the body.

6.) Trigger Point

Trigger Point massage is used to release toxins in muscle knot and relieve stress. Trigger points form over muscle and tend to contract causing pain. By massaging these trigger points, massage therapists are able to make trigger points become latent, removing the pain.

Being stressed out is no fun. If you are recovering from a car accident and find yourself stressed from the process, you may wish to consider trying one of these six stress reducing massages.

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